Worksheets & NOTES

Introduction Unit:                                            
*Introduction to Physical Science.doc
*Int. Science Overview-08.doc
*lab write-up notes-rev.doc
*workbook 1.3.pdf
Motion & Force Unit:
*TLTG Motion and Force.docx
*lab write-up notes-rev.doc
*Drop Height versus Bounce Height LAB.doc
*Drop Ht- ball bounce ht LAB spreadsheet.xls
*M & F Student Notes.doc
*M & F Notes.doc
*Momentum Practice.doc
*motion 11.1.pdf
*motion 11.2.pdf
*motion 11.3.pdf
*force 12.1.pdf
*force 12.2.pdf
*force 12.3.pdf
*force 12.4.pdf
*M&F Unit Review.doc
Work/Energy/Power Unit:
*Work,Energy,Power minipacket.docx
*W,P,Energy StudentNOTES.docx
*Work,Power,Energy NOTES.docx
*work- power wksheet.doc
*websites for energy sources.docx
*Inclined Plane Lab2013.doc
*Work and Power Lab.doc
*Energy foldable-book.docx
*work 14.1.pdf
*work 14.2.pdf
*work 14.3.pdf
*work 14.4.pdf
*work 14m.pdf
*work 14w.pdf
*15.1 Workbook.pdf
*15.2 Workbook.pdf
*15.3 Workbook.pdf
*energy 15w.pdf
*Calculation Practice.doc
Electricity/Magnetism Unit:

*E and M Notes.doc
*Obj. 1, 19-1,2 Elec.pdf
*Obj. 2,3, 19-3 Elec.pdf
*Obj. 4 Elect.pdf
*Obj. 5 Elect.pdf
*Obj. 6,7 p. 34,33,35 Elec.pdf
*Ohm's law worksheet practice.docx
*Static Elec. Lab.doc
*E and M Unit Review.doc
Waves Unit:
Waves-sound-light unit REV2016.doc
Heat/Thermodynamics Unit:
*Teacher Notes-Heat 2010.doc
*Obj. 2,3 Heat.pdf
*Obj. 4,5 Heat.pdf

Matter Unit:
*The Nat and Struc of Matter08.doc
*Matter Obj 1.docx

*Matter Obj 3,4.1.docx
*Obj. 4.2 p.26-9 Matter.pdf
*Obj. 4.2 p.29 Matter.pdf
*Obj.5 Matter.pdf

*matter rev2011.doc
Atomic Structure/Periodic Table Unit:
*Obj. 1,2.1 At.P.T..docx
*Obj. 3 At.P.T..docx
*Obj. 4 At.St.p. 16.pdf
*Obj. 4 At.St. p. 17.pdf
*Obj. 4 At.St.Enrich.p. 21.pdf
*Obj. 4 At.St.Enrich p. 22.pdf
*Obj. 5,7 At.P.T..docx
*AS&PT Review.doc
*Periodic Table Foldable.doc
*Atomic Structure08.doc

Chemical Bonding Unit:
*CB Student Notes-rev. 08.doc
*Chemical Bonding-rev 08.doc
*2013TLTG WorksheetsrevBONDS.doc
*Common Polyatomic Ions.doc

Chemical Reactions Unit:
*Chemical Reactions.doc
*TLTG Worksheets.doc
*CR Review.doc
*WORD bal. equations-08.doc
* 7.1.pdf
* 7.2.pdf
* 7.3.pdf
* 7.4.pdf
* 7.5.pdf
* 7m.pdf
*wordwise 7.pdf
Science In The News:
*Science in the News.doc

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